Joomla Solutions

We are web design agency solely specialized in Joomla. Our services includes Joomla web design, Joomla update, Joomla upgrade, Joomla SpeedUp, migration from wordpress to Joomla, fixing hacked Joomla websites, repairing database problems and anything you can think of, which is related to Joomla.

Our beginnings on Joomla starts back in 2005. when version 1.0 was published. Since then, we tried every single version, made near 800 websites in Joomla, migrated over 500, fixed over 300. Years of experience are guarantee that every job you put us onto will be completed on both satisfaction. We ask for small deposit in advance, but also offer money back if you are not completely satisfied with our work. Prices are bit higher than some Indian companies, but so is our quality.