Joomla update

Update your Joomla to newest version,

Joomla 3.7.1

. Enjoy increased security and new features.

We also offer Joomla Update packages, which can be paid monthly or annually.

Do I need Joomla update?

If your Joomla web site means anything to you, you do. Whole security depends on regular patches which improves future security and fix flaws that was found. Without them you are completely exposed to hackers, which use automatic scripts that can found your site (also with milions of other sites), test it for vulnerability, and exploit it if can. Best protection is regular updating, both plain Joomla, both 3rd party extensions you have installed.

I have really old Joomla website - what should I do?

We also offer Joomla Migration - it is basically update from really old versions, like 1.5.x or 2.5.x to

Joomla 3.7.1

. Hassle free, your old website gets new youth, together with improvements new versions brings to table, like mobile version (fully responsive), better support for SEO, faster loading times, easier admin panel and similar... We also offer this as one time job or packages.