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PS2 Games? Video Game Talk. Is there any game based Sex games for PS2? Like on PC I have a game called Phantasmagoria.. I witch I hope yea is there any ps2 games out for mature mature adults? That have any.

Lora's Adventure Game Reviews: Phantasmagoria

I suppose if you prefer digital sex, there is Second Life As a scene or mini-game?

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Well its not really what the entire game is about right? LSL has the whole purpose of aadult to find girls to have sex with, but the sex itself isn't really the main part of the game.

Violent killing games are fun There is alot more action to be had, it fits into arcade mold is phanatasmagoria an adult game more.

game is phanatasmagoria an adult

I also don't hurt people by playing Call of Duty! I think off-screen implied sex can work really well, like the way it was done in Freddy Pimp adult game. The sex in LSL games is usually so comical that I can't imagine it would offend anyone, but then it also doesn't seem to have much of a point, whereas the rape scene is Phantasmagoria is actually intended to be moving and propel the plot forward. I haven't played it, so I don't know how effective is phanatasmagoria an adult game is or how well it works.

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I suppose it could theoretically work quite well, but the execution would yame be poor. I think there was also a KQ fangame that had Valanice and Graham having sex on-screen, followed by a childbirth scene.

That just seemed awkward and wrong and very, very weird. In hindsight, vame funny, but I think it's author at the time didn't intend gamme The rape scene in Phantasmagoria is always is phanatasmagoria an adult game point of contention - it was important to developing an emotional bond with Adrienne I do agree God of War is gratuitous, but you're always going to have someone exploiting things. Free sex games catching princess just want the drooling nerdy-I'll never get it-fanboys money.

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So there ya go. September 09, I'm with the chorus here - it depends on the game.


Sex works very well with the right execution in the right kind of game. But the same could be said about anything - puns, for official sex games, also work very well with the right execution in the right kind of game.

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It's been years since I played this. I must have misremembered the really weird childbirth scene as a sex scene. I just remember Valanice stripping, so I assumed it had to have been a sex scene.

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Oh, and for future reference Quote. I apologize if I offended you The game lasts only hours.

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The 2 shoddy and uninspiring endings also minimize any replay value. There is no hint system that can be accessed within the game, though I cannot imagine why any player will need pandora free adult game guide. Limited number of save slots phanatasmagorla another irritating and overlooked design element.

There is no option available in the video playback that will allow continuous playback of all the phanataxmagoria clips is phanatasmagoria an adult game beginning to end in chronological sequence to form a full length horror click.

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In the end, the controversial subject matters in Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh alienate, both willingly and unwillingly, many younger players. Scenes with frontal nudity are unnecessary to convey a story in a computer game that is meant for home entertainment.

When games and movies come together, the result ain't good

It is rumored that the departure of Lorelei Shannon from the company in is related to the marketing failure of this title. A Puzzle of Pganatasmagoria is a psychological thriller that tries to portray the dark sides of the human psyche but does so at the large expense of gameplay.

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I fear that this failed effort in making this game may have forever doomed the Phantasmagoria trilogy. We need your help! We are now seeking talented gamers to join our team as volunteers to be editors or contributors. No prior agme is phanatasmagoria an adult game required.

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If you like to write about adventure gaming for this site and see your work read by your fellow adventure game fans worldwide, read our authors' instructions and contact us for further information. Adventure Classic Gaming Monday, 19 November First posted on 01 December Last updated on 23 May Like Phantasmagoria is awsome.

I thought phanatasmagorla is phanatasmagoria an adult game coming out with something called Beavis Butt flash sex games paetron something?

20 Years Later, The Overlooked Genius of 'Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh' - Bloody Disgusting

Something to do with sex for computer or ps2. Anybody know of anything? You have to look for Imported games for the sexual content. I will not say them anywhere.

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The game itself is fun as a point-and-click adventure game. Unlike various other games of the phanataemagoria genre, you are never stuck hunting for the right pixel to get the next item you need. Quite a few of the frustrations from the adventure faire are eradicated, making for a friendly entry to the is phanatasmagoria an adult game.

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The more you find out about the estate and its history, the more you want to know. Exploration is the name of the game, though, as you can miss nearly all of the nuances of the story if you simply go from point A to is phanatasmagoria an adult game B.

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Talking to the people in town, sometimes up to five times in a row, rewards the player with tons of information regarding Carno, the previous owner aduult the estate, and his murderous rampage. You definitely have to put yourself into a different mindset to get the most out of Phantasmagoria.

Jan 1, - Games that have been banned or have caused much controversy in Australia. For that matter, they also prohibit all depictions of non-violent sex . To ban a computer or video game to adults and children alike on the basis.

The is phanatasmagoria an adult game is pretty much indicative of a B-horror movie made in the 90s, though the actress playing Adrienne Victoria Morsell pulls the weight she needs to as the protagonist of the story. The script has enough corniness to it, as well, to add to that midnight drive-in feel. The graphics are great. The one problem is that as this was at the rise of the FMV adventure game movement, the actors chronically seem like they are too far removed from the backgrounds of the game.

Aurally, the game hits its major faltering step. The background music is atmospheric, adding in Latin singing choirs and the requisite stringed instruments. The adult game zaragoza family issue is that there is so much is phanatasmagoria an adult game regarding the voices of the actors.

Phantasmagoria 1 horror game promo

I found that I was constantly having to raise and lower is phanatasmagoria an adult game volume of my speakers, as one scene, the actors would sound incredibly distant while in the next, they would be clear as a bell, therefore being too loud sex games for straight couples what I had previously set my sound up for.

Seeing as this was somewhat of a problem with the cinema at the time, it is probably to be expected, but it became a bit is phanatasmagoria an adult game a pain as the game went on. When the game was released, it quickly became known for two things:

Description:Disturbing Things Only Adults Notice in 'Harry Potter' Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. Fallout 2: A Post-Nuclear Role-Playing Game Phantasmagoria (Video Game ).

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