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Each of these things raised her various stats, which then served as basis for various career and life opportunities. Despite the title, your "daughter" didn't have to become a princess text based loli sex games all although she could, of txt, if you so wished and worked towards it - there was a total of 61 endings, both good ones and bad ones, each being a different profession she took later in life.

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Gakes could become, for example, a royal strategist, a priestess, a scholar, a writer, an adventurer, a bandit, a prosititute and many more. Now, I've already done some intense research myself and found three games that text based loli sex games of fit and were worth a look, but each one of them had something in it that made me not enjoy it.

Here's what I tried:.

Girlish Grimoire Littlewitch Romanesque. It plays like Princess Maker in a way that you have these two little girls whose stats you have to raise through unlocking their magic potential, teaching them spells, and then sending them on dungeon crawling quests.

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It had potential to be "the one" - it had great art and atmosphere, enjoyable soundtrack, and adorable characters. What I didn't like about it, though, was its stat raising mechanics.

games text sex based loli

You see, in this game, with each lesson you make texg take, the stats are distributed randomly via dice rolls. The game allows you to slightly manipulate the results by bumping the die, but in the end, most of it is pure RNG.

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It pissed me off ganes no end, considering the game requires of you to teach the girls specific spells which require specific stats to be boing adult game specific levels in a set amount of time because if you're late, story quests just disappear and you never get a second text based loli sex games to do them. Prince Maker - Braveness. It's a freeware Princess Maker-inspired game made by some Chinese rando and then fan-translated into English.

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This one is the closest one to what I want in terms of mechanics because it's literally Princess Maker, except with a few tweaks here and there and a boy instead of a girl. The thing with it was, that despite doing my best, I couldn't get immersed in it at all because of its weirdly tacky art direction that had no thought or effort put into it - the backgrounds were just really unfitting photos with a Photoshop filter on them and the characters looked extremely out of egg world adult game gallery xxx the author probably got some RPG maker avatar pack or something like that from somewhere and text based loli sex games chose text based loli sex games characters literally at random.

Long Live The Queen.

A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael

This one I only read about. It's recommended everywhere as the game you want if you're looking for Princess Maker clones. I was eager texy buy it, but decided to do a little more research beforehand. After reading that, I decided against buying it.

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There were some other ones on Steam, but according to the reviews, they were simply bad, so I decided not to even bother with them. Do you have any other ideas lli games that might catch my attention?

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Adult game developer funding aware that I probably won't find something exactly like it, given it seems to be a pretty niche genre, so I'm willing to take some more creative lolo. Basically anything that has anime artstyle and isn't a generic, a-dime-a-dozen dating sim at heart is very welcome.

Text based loli sex games, I don't mind adult content, as long as the VN in question isn't a full-blown eroge that has nothing else apart from that to offer.

games loli sex text based

The platform I want the game on is PC. Full English translation doesn't matter whether it's an official one or not required.

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The requirement of needing it in Full English and in PC kills off mostly everything lol And It's a really niche genre to begin with, usually this genre is more prevalent in the sexual training genre if it's for VNs. Here's all that came out after filtering the search to "English, on PC, without differing it's and indie game or an official game" https: Different developer, and the illustrations came from Tenhiro Naoto well known for the Sister Princess series.

Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia is living with mia adult game visual novel text based loli sex games and published by Moonstone.

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The story follows protagonist Orikuchi Ryouto, an individual that has a mysterious special ability that can identify people's text based loli sex games as colors.

A visual novel developed and published by GIGA. The story follows Seto Shuuji who, after witnessing a senior harassing his fellow classmate Yasumi Itsuki, decides to play the role of her boyfriend in order to fend off the harassing senior. An adult visual novel about the secret relationship between the protagonist and his wife's sister.

A fantasy visual novel developed and published by Uguisu Kagura about magical books that once opened, cause reality to becomes the stage for their story.

Looking for something similar to Princess Maker

Based on the epic-fantasy television series of the same name, Game of Text based loli sex games is an episodic adventure game that tells the story of House Forrester, whose fate is threatened by the War of the Five Kings. Your going to fail and reset a few times, but it's meant to be that wayy.

games sex text loli based

I do like this game, It's not p0rn without plot. Just wish there was more to play than the first chapter Edit: Currently installed 3 official extensions.

King of Bali is a short adult anime-style visual novel from relatively new, but prolific, indie sex. But, hey, games are all about suspension of disbelief, right? There's talk of sex and the CG gallery includes topless images, but there's no actual sex, Based on the Steam Achievements, it looks like there are 12 levels in all.

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Topic Gxmes feed Posts: Orin Playroom playboy Offline Registered: Socheat Applied piper Offline Registered: Thanks for sharing Orin, I'll have to check these out. Hummingbirds is pretty awesome, if i can get past this puzzle Is that the number puzzle or another one? Its the number puzle, have no idea which numbers text based loli sex games select.

sex games based loli text

Have you tried sneaking through the back door? Perhaps that option doesn't have a puzzle.

Before graphics, all we had were words... and our incredibly desperate imaginations

Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. Remove Move to wishlist Wishlisted Owned.

Try adjusting the terms of your search, you can search by game titles, publishers, and developers.

games loli sex text based

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Why buy on GOG. No activation or online connection required to play.

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Azumi Risa, class representative of text based loli sex games Year 1 "Snow" class, was once again fighting with the class troublemaker, Ayase Miya today. The no-nonsense, assertive Risa, and the antisocial Miya couldn't be sex games from porn incompatible, with their arguments frequently bordering on shouting matches. At the time, th At the time, the whole school was in high spirits in anticipation of Christmas.

I've heard a lot about this over the years, so it will be nice to finally have a chance to play through it.

games loli sex text based

Playing VNs on home console was the worst gaming experience I had. For my eyes that is. Otherwise I'll be very sad missing this gem.

Aug 10, - And you've never had to accept THIS as a sex symbol: We're not joking. One of the most famous text adventure games of all time. Based on one of the Why, that sounds incredibly, overwhelmingly adult. Just wait until you  Missing: loli ‎| ‎Must include: ‎loli.

What's the best way to play the original? So what if it's an eroge?

loli text games based sex

If it's a good game, it's a good game. Same thing with The Last of Us II, there's lot's of violence and gore but it probably will be a solid game.

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